This isn’t your typical mindfulness. My approach is a little more colorful.

I feel like modern contemplative practice is a powerful fusion of art and science. Much of the emerging research suggests that mindfulness can make lasting positive changes in our minds and brains. But it helps if we can balance that pragmatism with some poetry; to trust our own intuition just as much as the laboratory experiments.

This isn’t a dry, stoic undertaking where we become all detached and robotic. Likewise, we’re not trying to rocket our consciousness up to some misty higher plane where worldly affairs bore our pants off.

So what are we doing? Well, my clients have a wide variety of goals. Some are looking for relief from things like stress, ADHD, chronic pain, and anxiety. Others are trying to shed negative habits and cultivate healthy ones. Quite a few are pursuing the deepest levels of self-knowledge and personal awakening.

No matter what your goals are, mindfulness is all about minimizing suffering and maximizing happiness. This contemporary, universal path allows us to be more authentic, fully human beings living our best lives.

It takes a deep curiosity about yourself and the world to do this stuff. Not to mention a playful sense of humor and some good-natured skepticism. Finish it off with a good stiff shot of irreverence and now we’re getting somewhere.

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brent purple oliver

Lexington, Kentucky