Mindfulness Coaching

Modern mindfulness is a universal practice with a broad array of applications and benefits that are being validated by ongoing scientific research. It boosts concentration, clarity, and equanimity; it decreases stress and anxiety; it allows you find greater satisfaction in joyful experiences and less suffering in painful ones; it promotes overall well-being and mental fitness. 

That's a wide approach, one that offers tangible results to people looking to live authentic, productive, playful, gratifying lives. There's also a deep approach, which leads to a happiness independent of circumstances, what is traditionally referred to as "awakening" or "liberation." Using the same techniques in the wide approach, pursued with dedication and diligence, practitioners come to know themselves at the most profound level. This is industrial strength mindfulness, which cultivates radical transformation and complete self-emancipation. 

These are my three main ambitions as a coach:

1. To bring mindfulness to as large an audience as possible, giving them the tools to boost their own happiness and minimize their suffering.

2. To personalize mindfulness practice around students' specific objectives and adapt to their needs, aptitudes, and experience.

3. To address their issues with whatever means are most practical and effective at the time.

I work with individual clients who are pursuing a wide variety of goals. I also bring mindfulness to schools, businesses, or any group interested in its many benefits. Thanks to the magic of Skype, I can meet with people around the world who otherwise might not have access to a coach.

Please contact me for further information or to schedule a free consultation. 

brent purple oliver

Lexington, Kentucky